At Life Resolutions our goal is to make mental health care readily available to Australians and to make it easy & quick to book an appointment if needed. We at Life Resolutions believe in personal accountability.

One of our main beliefs at Life Resolutions is that everyone, not matter who you are, deserves to feel personally valued, worthwhile, and at peace with themselves in their day-to-day lives. This is what we continue to focus on, from the day we were founded to now in the present day. Our society has convinced many that only certain people need psychological help. This is a myth. In fact everyone, to some extent, can benefit from talking to a trained psychologist from time-to-time. That is why Life Resolutions is always here for anyone that might want to take care of their mental health. Whether you suffer from clinical depression, situational depression, grieving the loss of a loved one, stress management, or anything else, Life Resolutions is here for you. No matter what is causing you mental stress our Life Resolutions Psychology Franchise is always here to help.

Life Resolutions’ mission is to provide accessible psychological service for as many as possible in Australia.

We provide help to those struggling in the areas of addictions, anger management, anxiety, bipolar disorder, career counselling, child counselling, depression, eating disorders, family counselling, grief & loss, insomnia, life coaching, life issues, marriage counselling, mental illness, organisational consulting, pain management, postnatal depression, relationship advice, self-esteem, sports psychology, stress, and workplace issues.

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The Beginning of Life Resolutions

It all started in 2001. Two women came together with the same idea to make psychological services more available to those in Australia. And so, Life Resolutions was founded to enhance the field of private practice psychology. This could be done by simplifying all the paperwork & admin work that trained psychologists were constantly being slowed down with. Jodie Brenton & Mary Magalotti made this vision come true when they both started Life Resolutions. To-date their idea has been a success as now there are over 50 Life Resolution psychology franchises all throughout Australia.