One of the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon Australians is the increasing number of people working from home, some for the first time ever. Although some may find this change welcome, others may be struggling with motivation and productivity. Jodie Brenton and her Life Resolutions team have some ideas to help you make the most of your new workday.

Jodie Brenton’s Tips and Tricks on Working From Home

  1. Routine– Although you no longer need to rush for the train each morning, a set routine is just as important as ever. Make sure you maintain a consistent bedtime and try to get up at roughly the same time each day.
  2. Organisation – Take time to prioritise each of your tasks every morning and put the list in a place you can see it. This will go a long way towards ensuring you do not find yourself distracted and directionless throughout the day.
  3. Breaks– Taking regular breaks is one of the best ways to stay productive when working from home. Spend fifteen minutes every few hours stretching and enjoy your lunch somewhere away from your computer.
  4. Wellbeing –This year has been a difficult one for many reasons, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Professional mental health support can help you get back on track. The Life Resolutions team are proud to offerconvenient Telehealth services, as well as in-person sessions, so do not hesitate to contact our team for a chat.

Life Resolutions – Here to Help

If things are tough, please contact us to book an appointment with our friendly team of professionals at Life Resolutions. You can also see more fromJodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti by clicking through to their websites.

Book aTelehealth appointment with our Life Resolutions team by heading to our bookings page today, and know you have taken the first step towards health and happiness.

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