Although many Australians struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, there is still stigma against substance abuse issues. It is important to remember that help is available, and you should not be ashamed to reach out and seek support.

Support groups, help from family and friends, and a change in circumstances can all help an individual overcome drug and alcohol abuse. However, sometimes those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions may require additional help and support to pinpoint the origin of the issue and overcome their substance abuse problems.

Our Life Resolutions team are trained professionals who can help you identify why you are dealing with these issues and create a plan to recover.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction:

  • Constant and overpowering urges to use the drug
  • Using more and more of the drug each time to get sufficiently ‘high’ or ‘stoned’
  • Spending more money than you can afford on drugs
  • Experiencing issues with your work, relationships, and health because of drug use
  • Dealing with intense and unmanageable withdrawal symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse:

  • Regularly suffering from black-outs and memory loss after drinking
  • Drinking to deal with emotions or other issues in life
  • Drinking alone and withdrawing from loved ones to drink
  • Symptoms such as headaches and exhaustion impacting your life
  • Relationships are being affected by your drinking

Drug and alcohol addiction sufferers can feel immense amounts of shame and be unwilling to seek support, but help is available for those struggling. Reach out and contact a mental health professional today to start living a life unhampered by drug and alcohol abuse.

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If you would like help with substance abuse issues, help is just a click or phone call away. You can book an appointment with Life Resolutions by contacting our friendly team today. Please also feel free to check out our website for more information on the services we offer at Life Resolutions.

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