Great news! Studies have shown that having and regularly engaging with your hobbies is good for your mental health! Now science has given you an excuse to have fun with your hobbies! Boost your mental health by doing something crafty, physical, creative or relaxing! Our director Jodie Brenton alongside our principal psychologist Mary Magalotti and our Life Resolutions team work towards improving the mental health of all Australians, especially in times of lockdown.

How Hobbies Improve Your Mental Health

Minimise you stress!

Hobbies engage your brain and takes you mind off of the things that may be causing you stress. Doing activities you enjoy can release hormones such as serotonin and dopamine in your brain boosting your mood.

Social connection

Many hobbies and activities usually have communities around them. Almost all hobbies have clubs, groups and online communities that can help people connect. Those who lack social connections are more likely to suffer from mental illness and emotional distress.

Sense of achievement 

When things are not going so great in other facets of our lives, hobbies can help us feel like we are making progress in an area of your life. Additionally, a hobby can provide structure in life which can help improve your mental wellbeing. Having set times to complete activities can help you reduce worry or overwork yourself.

Your mental wellbeing is important! Mary Magalotti and our team of psychologists recommend having hobbies in addition to seeking professional mental healthcare. While Jodie Brenton upholds the value of making mental healthcare available to all Australians.

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