Working from home with Mary Magalotti

The COVID-19 pandemic we are all living through has bought about changes to not only the way we live, but also the way we work. One of these changes is the increasing number of people working from home. If you are one of these people, read on for some advice on how to manage this new and sometimes challenging way of life.

Why are Boundaries so Important when Working from Home?

Everyone works differently, and there can be both advantages and disadvantages to your home suddenly becoming your office. While you may experience more productivity that comes with a lack of commute and more flexibility in your working hours, this also comes with new challenges creating boundaries. When in the office, you might start at nine and sign off at five, but at home, the temptation to get started early and finish later and later might mean you have trouble separating your work life from your home life. This lack of boundaries can increase stress and decrease productivity, ultimately resulting in a lower quality of work and even a lower quality of life.

Tips on Creating Boundaries

Lots of people have moved to working from home, including the team atLife Resolutions. Therefore, we are uniquely positioned to understand the impact this can have your health. We have complied some advice on maintaining that ever-important work/life separation from our home office to yours!

  1. Setting a schedule– maintaining a routine is just as important as ever when working from home. Try to have a consistent bedtime and set your alarm for the same time every day, and do not work past the time you are meant to finish work. It’s particularly important to communicate your ‘office hours’ to your manager and co-workers, so there’s no opportunity for them to abuse your increased availability.
  2. Setting intentions– write down your do-list for the day and put it somewhere you can see it while you work. Include some tasksyou are sure you can achieve so you can enjoy the satisfaction checking them off the list, as well as some goals that might take a bit more time and effort. Try not to go off the list and focus on what you know needs to be done.
  3. Remembering to take breaks– depending on what works for you, you might like to take a short ten-minute break every hour, a twenty-minute break every few hours, or a less rigid system. Regardless of what you chose, regular breaks are key to mental wellness when working from home.
  4. Respecting your lunch hour –it is easy to forget to eat your midday meal when working from home on a big project, but it’s just as important as ever. A healthy lunch can set you on right track for the rest of the afternoon. Take some time to cook up something healthy in the kitchen or enjoy some fresh air by grabbing takeaway from a local restaurantto increase the normality of your day.
  5. Paying attention to your mental health – if the challenges of working from home are starting to take their toll on your mental health,our team of passionate mental health professionals happy to talk through any issues you may be experiencing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering Telehealth services to allow both new and existing clients to get in touch and seek support. If you are having difficulty in coping with your new routine or anything else,contact our friendly team today to book an appointment.

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