Grounding techniques help bring you back into the present moment and remind you that you are more than your negative thoughts and feelings.

Life Resolutions Psychologist Mary Magalotti shares some helpful ideas you can try at home:

Psychologist Mary Magalotti’s Grounding Techniques

Take Ten Slow, Mindful Breaths

Try to focus on your breathing, feeling your lungs expand and fill with air, and then empty as you exhale.

Run Cold Water Over Your Hands

Feel the cool sensation of the water and listen to the different sounds it makes as you move your hands.

Use Your Senses

Find one thing you can see, one thing you can hear, one thing you can touch, and one thing you can smell in the present moment.

Move Your Body

Starting with your eyebrows and moving downwards, tense and release every muscle. Focus on each part of your body as you tense, and release.

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