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For over 15 years Jodie Brenton has committed her life to helping other private practice psychologists all throughout Australia. Jodie Brenton holds the title of current CEO & Director of Life Resolutions. It all started with a mission to increase the accessibility & availability of mental health care services across Australia. She found that this could be done by relieving the work that private practice psychologists had to do with regards to paperwork, administrative work, marketing planning, and more. The time psychologists used on doing these activities, she realized, could be spent addressing more patients’ health concerns. So, Jodie Brenton created solutions for private practice psychologists by coming up with improvements in the areas of private practice systems, administration, and marketing operations.

Psychologists were committing a lot of their time to administrative work when they could have been working with their clients & patients. This is what Jodie wanted to focus on when creating the Life Resolutions psychology franchise. Additionally, with the idea of making Life Resolutions a franchise operation, Jodie’s vision of providing more access to mental health for Australians was able to become a more achievable reality. Now there are over 50 Life Resolutions offices across the country. These offices can be found in the following cities: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and Canberra.

Life Resolutions CEO & Founder – Jodie Brenton

Jodie Brenton has vast amounts of knowledge as both a businesswoman including but not limited to the areas of psychological assessment, clinical psychology, counselling, stress management, psychotherapy, strategic business planning, and team building.

Jodie believes that mental health should be taken more seriously in our society today. As someone who runs the Life Resolutions psychology & counselling franchise brand, Jodie understands how stressful today’s workplace environment can be and the toll it can take on you. With today’s employees taking more responsibility and also having to take on more challenges our mental health can often be taken for granted. This is why Jodie believes it is important to provide Australians of every age & background a high quality in counselling & professional psychological care.

Jodie wants to continue to expand her goal vision with Life Resolutions by opening more offices in Australia for the future.

She encourages other private practice psychologist firms to join her vision & promises to assist them with solutions by equipping them with tools, training, knowledge, resources, and support to bring mental health accessibility to more people in Australia.

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