Terminal illness is a difficult thing to go through for the patient, their family and friends. Our head psychologist Mary Magalotti and our team of experienced psychologists aim to provide counselling and support for all those affected by terminal illness. Our Director, Jodie Brenton is proud that the Life Resolutions team can provide support to those going through a difficult time.

How can Terminal Illness Counselling Help?

Dealing with a terminal illness may evoke grief, anger, frustration and many other emotions. Terminal illness counselling can provide much-needed support when experiencing these emotions. Psychologists can help individuals understand their emotions and why they may be feeling that way.

Psychologists can also help terminally ill patients and their family/friends work through the process surrounding a diagnosis. These processes may include working through options around medication, pain management and other therapies. Terminal illness counselling can also aid patients to work through decisions they may have to make.

Terminal illness counselling assists with understanding the illness and preparing themselves for the passing away. Mary Magalotti and the team of psychologists at Life Resolutions can provide a high level of support to those affected by terminal illness.


Who can Access Terminal Illness Counselling?

You don’t have to be diagnosed with a terminal illness to access terminal illness counselling. Terminal illness can affect caregivers, family and friends of a terminally ill patient. We believe it is important to provide support to the patient and those close to them. Providing support to those close to the patient can help equip them to help and support the patient and themselves during this trying time.

Here are Life Resolutions, we aim to provide high-quality terminal illness support to those who need it. Mary Maggalotti and our team of experienced psychologists are here to help deal with a terminal illness. Jodie Brenton upholds the value that the Life Resolutions team aims to provide support to anyone who needs it.

For more information on terminal illness counselling and our other services, visit our website. Book in with one of our experienced psychologists online or over the phone.