Want to learn more about psychologists? Mary Magalotti of Life Resolutions is here to explain:

What is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a mental health professional who is trained in the science of understanding how people think, feel and behave. A psychologist is like a doctor for the mind – just like your GP helps you with physical health concerns, a psychologist helps you improve your mental health.

What education do psychologists have?

All psychologists have a degree in psychology, the study of the brain. Psychologists are also required to undertake further postgraduate education, or spend time learning on the job with a more experienced psychologist.

What happens when I see a psychologist?

When you see a psychologist, you’ll spend lots of time talking about your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Your psychologist will listen, take notes, and respond. They may offer advice, plus techniques and strategies to help you manage the issues you are dealing with.

How can a psychologist help me?

People visit psychologists for all kinds of different reasons. Many people see a psychologist to help them recover from mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, or trauma. Other people see a psychologist because they are experiencing problems at home or at work.

How can I find a psychologist near me?

At Life Resolutions, we’ve been proudly offering compassionate mental health care for over twenty years. If you’d like to book an appointment, contact us today here. You can also browse our website to learn more about the Life Resolutions psychology franchise and our friendly team.

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