At Life Resolutions, we know that the world deeply affects our mental health, and our own perceptions too.

Often, men are encouraged to ‘tough it out’ and ‘stay strong’ – at Life Resolutions, we believe perhaps the greatest strength comes from speaking out. When you open up about your problems, it’s not weakness – it’s courage. And talking about your own mental health challenges encourages others to do the same.

That’s why Principal Psychologist Mary Magalotti believes openness and honesty is so important – speaking up makes us better friends, partners, parents, and people.

How Can You Help?

We can all do our part by supporting those close to us. Be a mate and reach out if you notice a friend seems a bit low. Let them know you’re there to talk – it could make all the difference.

We can also reach out and seek support ourselves if we need it – one in eight Australian men are likely to experience depression, and one in five will experience anxiety, so rest assured you are not alone, and you are not weak – we all need a little extra support sometimes.

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